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fast mobil screen service

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Can you come to my home and see if you can repair my screen or sliding door?
A. Absolutely!  We are a full service mobil screen shop and service poorly rolling glass doors as well.

Q.How much will it cost if you can’t fix the problem?
A. Nothing. We will determine if the problem can be fixed and explain how; we will give you a Free no obligation estimate for the work required.

Q. Can Screens2u complete the work right away?
A. In most situations we will perform all repairs or replacements the same day we come out.  There are times we need to retrieve or order a specific part.

Q. Can you match the other screens I have on my home?
A. We can match 97% of the Frame or Fabric colors available. We can match about 86% of the frame designs out there.  If however, the design and quality of screens are of poor quality we are likely to recommend a better quality replacement.

​Q. What is the cheapest screen you have?
A. That depends on the type of screen of course, but that question implies there is no concern about quality.  There is roughly a 40% difference in cost between high and low grade materials. offers the best prices for quality products. We don’t offer thin, flimsy “cheap” screens.

Q. Will match or beat a competitive estimate?
A. That question requires the person doing the competitive pricing ask good follow up questions like “What manufacturer do you use and what grade of mesh 18 x 14, 18 x 16” (these numbers determine the amount of vertical and horizontal lines per square inch)  Also, “What is the wire diameter  .013, .011 and the guage of the screen framing is it ..040, .032, .025 or .020?" We give our best price up front for the quality materials we provide.

Q. Do you stand by your work if I have a problem? 
A. has been in business in the Coachella Valley Since 1984.  We are licensed contractors in the state of California under our corporate name CLASP Inc. dba   We carry Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.  We are certain you will be satisfied with our workmanship. 

​Q. What is the quality of the materials you use?
A. There are several grades of materials that can be used (see previous questions).  We pride ourselves in selling  quality products and materials along with excellent workmanship. We mostly use higher gauge screen mesh and screen frame. Why?   Because if you buy cheap screens you will continuously be reminded that you bought cheap screens every time you move the screen.. 

Homeowners should beware that discount screens really means lower quality materials.  What it doesn’t mean is that one company gave you a better price.

Q. How long does it take to get an appointment?
A. We can schedule you the same day you CONTACT US.  Call us now at 760-200-5239 to schedule the best time.  The appointment day and time will depend on your flexibility and our workload.  Call in advance to ensure the best day and time for you.

​Q.  Will you call me if your not going to be on time?

A. Yes we can.  In general we ask our customers to be ready for our arrival 30 minutes before or after the appointment time given.   We do our best staying on schedule each day and will give you a courtesy call if we are running ahead or behind schedule.  

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