block the sun ---not your view

Desert Dwellers Need Shade

 Among the shading options available today an exterior Drop Shade is probably the most practical.  Unlike Retractable Awnings, Drop Shades are a lot safer when it comes to high winds that we occasionally experience. Historically, damage to a Drop Shades or housing structures because of high winds are rare.  In essence, they are safer'

Retractable Drop Shades are installed outside over windows, doors or patio covers.  Operation of these shades can be with manual hand crank or motorized and controlled by the push of a button.

While blocking the damaging UV rays and scorching heat you can still enjoy your view with minimal distortion. This is one of the best ways to cool down your home interiors and patios.  Many of our customers have seen hundreds of dollars of savings each month on their Utility Bills. Currently both IID and Edison are offering Rebates when you install exterior shading. These Rebates include Drop Shades, Solar Screensand Retractable Awnings.

Many Fabric colors to choose

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Will I see out of my Sun Screen during the day?

A: Yes, but the level of visibility largely depends on the color of the sun screen material you chose. Lighter colors cause reflection from the sun and diminish the degree of visibility. Darker colored fabrics will allow a better view of the outdoors.

​Q: Will a Sun Screen provide indoor privacy?

A: During the daylight hours a sun screen does offer a reasonable level of privacy. However during the evening hours the screen offers very little privacy protection. Keep in mind however that from the outside looking in people can see better through a dark fabric than through a light fabric.

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